Sunday, March 4, 2012

And Life Begins in Ecuador!

On February 23  until April 6 2012 I was able to fulfill a life dream and come to Cuenca, Ecuador to work in the orphanages. I have always had an interest in Spanish and have always wanted to come work in an orphanage so this was an opportunity I couldn't turn down! I have been here for a little over a week now and I can't tell you enough how much I am already loving it. Cuenca is a beautiful city with much history....but at the same time it is a third world country. I haven't tried too crazy of food yet, but that is still a goal :) just to say I have done it mostly... But the things are  so cheap and I keep finding myself buying things!! We travel everywhere by taxi (another reason I should probably learn Spanish better!!) which not to mention....CRAZIEST DRIVERS EVER!!  Seriously if you like to be hit by cars come to Ecuador! 

I have been so welcomed by the other volunteers here and feel already as if we have been friends forever. They are seriously some of the most humble charitable girls I have ever met and am already striving to be more like them!! 

They had me start working in the orphanages the first day there and after overcoming the overwhelming feelings I have fallen in love with the kids and the work!! It is definitely hard work. There are two  main orphanages we go to, but there are different sites in each orphanage with different ages of kids. In one of the orphanages there are two sites with handicap kids and teens that we help out too which is a lot of fun. I am starti1ng to get the hang of things and loving the kids more each day. I'll keep posting when I get more time.

Picture of Cuenca on my awesome!
 Cool volcano thing

 I felt so welcome especially with the flower which I might add you can get a dozen for $4 here!!

Beautiful down town Cuenca!